Established in 2004, Fabulous Appetizers is a catering business owned by Darius Butherde. For Darius, cooking has always been a part of his life. It was actually in sharing his meals with his friends in the music business that the idea for a restaurant and catering business came about. His food was so good that a friend asked Darius to cater to his wedding. One year later, Darius was catering at least 14 wedding receptions a year.


At Fabulous Appetizers, the choice of food comes from all over the world – not a service provided by many other restaurants or chefs. From Island Bruschetta to Korean  Chicken, Seafood Plantini, and Moroccan meatballs, this rich selection is hard to find in one place. The catering service also does staffing, fruit and ice carving, and special stations such as Asian stir-fry and pasta. The catering style is very flexible. Fabulous Appetizers can cater to both homes and offices, as well as weddings and Sweet 16s.